Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition 2016 – Market Test?

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Sports Illustrated has decided to put plus size models in their Swimsuit Edition of 2016. It is an interesting concept. However, it seems that people may not purchase the swimsuit edition to see these types of women. People generally buy the Swimsuit Edition to see women that they will most likely never be able to get close to as a friend or significant other. They are basically to fulfill a fantasy.

Now it is understood that people have all different types of fantasies, but a majority of people have the fantasy about the woman with the perfect body. Thus, close to all advertising usually has some type of “touch-up” work done to it before it is sent to print.

There’s No Such Thing As Bad PublicityIrina Shayk Sports Illustrated |

Perhaps this is simply a Sports Illustrated ploy to get their product out into the “water cooler” conversation to seemingly try to stay relevant. Perhaps it’s a market test to see if there has been a change in what the market wants. Either way, it seems that their product has seen better days.

One still has to ask, will these plus-size swimsuit models be big sellers? Only time will tell, but there is a reason swimsuit editions have sold so well for so long…


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