“Naturally Beautiful Results”? (This Is A Paid Actor)


This television advertisement for Aveeno products was shown the other day and their slogan is “naturally beautiful results.” It seems that it’s spoken by Jennifer Aniston.

Hmmm… This is interesting considering she has had plastic surgery to enhance her features. It seems kind of hypocritical to tout the benefits of these products and then claim “naturally beautiful results” when in fact their is nothing natural about having plastic surgery for cosmetic reasons. Maybe the advertisement should say at the bottom in fine print “this is a paid actor” just like in other commercials where people are acting as though they have a disease or health issue and the advertised product has helped with their health issues.

…Or maybe they should find another person to advertise for them. Having this type of paradox weakens the claim of that the product can actually do what it claims it can. Shaking my head…

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