Great Series To Watch: Movies, Obesity, And Laziness?

Streaming Services vs. Walking Around Finding Something To Rent

Streaming movies is making people obese. These days everyone is looking for a great series to watch. Back in the day people had to, at the very least, get up off of their couch and pull out a huge door of VHS tapes, DVD’s, Blu-Rays and look through them to find something they wanted to watch.

If that was not the case, they had to go to the local video store and walk around for a decent amount of time to actually look for a movie they would be interested in watching.

The DVDs and other media were in specific categories but it was still a good amount of work to find a movie that you wanted to take the time to watch. If you couldn’t find something of interest, then you probably just headed out and do something else to pass the time besides just sit on your couch.

Why The Laziness Now?#Great #Series To #Watch: #Movies #And #Obesity (#Laziness?) |

Today, all one has to do is sit on their couch and bring up any streaming website with an endless amount of video to choose from. Not very difficult to find something you like either because there are plenty of suggestions for you already made.

Think about it… You don’t even have to choose a program to watch, it will automatically do it for you.

Looking for a great series to watch? Dare I say one has to get up from the couch? Not unless you need to fill up your drink or need more food but most will just grab a bag of their favorite snack and finish it.

Well, maybe every once in a while get up to go to the bathroom.

The Advent Of “Bing Watching”#Great #Series To #Watch: #Movies #And #Obesity (#Laziness?) |

There are people who speak of “binge watching” a series for hours on end, sometimes up to 8 or 10 hours. Obviously, at this point, one can assume they found a great series to watch.

Before these streaming sites and services, you had to get up and decide whether or not you really wanted to take out the disc to then put the next one into the player.

If so, then you continued, but it gave you an opportunity to really decide if there might be something else you should be doing. That is just a fleeting thought today.

You don’t have the time to decide. The next episode or season pops right up and it’s ready to go. There are even commercials showing how lazy people are and they do not need to get up to find something else to watch because there are already choices made for them.

Are we that lazy physically and mentally that we don’t want to even think about what to watch next or get up for a really good movie or series? Only time will tell…

A good illustration of this type of future is the 2008 movie: Wall-e

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